Principal appraisal and appointments

Principal appraisal is an annual responsibility of every board of trustees.  Not all boards have this expertise and a poor appraisal process can lead to all manner of difficulties.  Boards are advised to engage a professional adviser to assist them in the appraisal process.

Principal appointment is a task that faces boards much less frequently, however it is probably one of the most important that a board is called upon to undertake.  Appointing a new principal is not a job to be done without expertise.  The GMS team has been trained by professionals in HR and members of the team are very experienced.

Typically in schools the board has the responsibility for appraising the principal and the principal in turn has responsibility for appraising his or her leadership team and other key staff and the leadership team in turn appraise the teaching staff.  “Measuring the immeasurable” is a document developed by one of the GMS team to assist boards in understanding what appraisal is about and how it is implemented.


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