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Board elections are over – now the challenge begins

The election of over 12,000 people to school boards of trustees – a massive piece of democratic organisation – has now been completed and 2400 school principals around the country are facing their new boards and wondering how it is going to go over the next three years. The role of school boards has considerably … Continue reading

Principal appointment – getting the right fit

What is that indefinable quality that boards seek when appointing a new principal – the “right fit”? It is something quite extraordinary and quite different for each board of trustees.  That is why the development of a “person specification” is so important.  It takes a little time and it needs as much input as can be … Continue reading

Student achievement – the board’s main focus

The current NZ School Trustees Association effective governance training programme is focussed on student achievement.  The training looks at the key factors that influence student achievement: Quality teaching – teachers use assessment data to inform their own teaching practice to improve the way they teach their students and work with other teachers to improve teaching … Continue reading

The elections are over – let the governance commence

Your new board is in place, you have held your first meeting, you have elected your chair for the next six months.  What next? Well the first thing is to make sure you have a plan.  Governing a school is not about turning up to a board meeting each month to find out what’s happening. … Continue reading

Elections pending – new boards to train, where will I find the time

School principals are looking forward to the election of their new board with a variety of feelings.  Some with trepidation, some with relief, and some no doubt quite relaxed about the outcome.  Whatever the situation there will be a need for boards to engage in some level of professional development. Boards of trustees come in all shapes and … Continue reading

More about annual reporting changes

The Ministry has sent out a reminder for schools to submit by 1st March their annual charter update (incorporating annual plan and targets for 2013).  They note also that the National Standards student progress and achievement information from 2012 is also required to be submitted at the same time. This latter item may not be … Continue reading

What is this controversy about Charter schools?

It does seem interesting this passion among a few zealots for the establishment of Charter schools – a concept well developed in countries such as Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States.  It seems to be about the idea that a different structure is the way to help those students who are currently not … Continue reading

Annual Reporting – does it give you grief?

At the end of October the Ministry published its Annual Reporting Circular (no. 2012/10).  Key elements in this circular are: Annual Report – in particular the requirement to report school level data against National Standards (NAG 2A) Timeframe (31 March to the auditors, 31 May to the Ministry – no changes here) Online Annual Report filing – no more … Continue reading

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